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The Workbook

The Workbook

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We are stewards and practitioners of ancient technologies. They accelerate the metamorphosis of each individual to become the best version of themselves. The Workbook focuses on evolving awareness through self-discovery within an educational and ceremonial platform.

Participants rediscover clarity, freedom, and the ability to flow in balance with life.

The curriculum in The Workbook is a holistic and comprehensive approach to working with ancient technologies. These technologies can be profoundly transformative with lasting effects when optimized through integration. Participants who have support before, during, and after attending an in-person workshop are better primed to receive and utilize the deep insights and heart-opening guidance this work can provide. There is space in the back of the workbook for additional notes beyond the provided space below the journaling prompts. Please feel free to use your own journal alongside this workbook if you need more space to flow and create.



The Workbook also comes with a QR code to access free breathing exercises and meditations to support your integrative experience: 

  1. Breathe Technique for Purpose, Clarity, and Peace of Mind
  2. Breathwork Meditations (3 Meditations Included)
  3. Awakening Mediations (2 Meditations Included)
  4. AM: Balance Your Nervous System
  5. PM: Golden Light Meditation
  6. A 20 Minute Practice for Balancing the Day (Video)
  7. Grounded in 30 Seconds or Less (Video)
  8. Super Brain Yoga (Video)