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"The Purity" from The Violet Flame Series (Audio File)

"The Purity" from The Violet Flame Series (Audio File)

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Elizabeth Claire Profit AKA Guru Ma or ‘Mother of the Flame’ (April 8, 1939 – October 15, 2009) was an spiritual leader, author, writer and founder of The Summit Lighthouse. Her Violet Flame decree was channeled through the Ascended master, El Morya, ‘I am a being of violet fire, I Am the purity God desires’. 

This powerful purifying meditation utilizes the alchemizing forces of Violet Flame to transmute any limitations, stuckness into spiritual freedom to manifest positive changes in and throughout your life.

You will hear a centering first, then the decree which has a specific cadence to it - keep your focus on releasing or expanding (whatever you are working on throughout this process). Stay in a space of receptivity as this is how this practice works through you.

As you've learned from the Introductions to this meditation, this purifying and aligning meditation harnesses the specific mechanic of spiritual energy of transmutation and/or manifesting change from the surface of your life to the highest realms.